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Ranch Acres

If you’re looking to relocate to Tulsa, Oklahoma or maybe you’re ready for a midtown home with historic details & plenty of charm, get ready to find your next home! In this short video, we take a look the historic Tulsa, Oklahoma neighborhoods of Ranch Acres, Charlene Estates, Timber, and Oakview Estates!

These neighborhoods fall in the area from 31st to 41st streets North to South and Harvard Ave to Lewis avenue East to West. This area is really well situated to get anywhere in town with easy access to expressways and fun hotspots areas like Cherry Street and Brookside and it is about 3 and a half miles from the center of downtown. There is a saying here that you can get anywhere in town within 20 minutes and that is most certainly true for this neighborhood. There are a plethora of nearby grocery stores, and shops and restaurants to choose from. We will start with the area knows as Ranch Acres. Ranch Acres is an excellent example of a post-World War II ranch style housing.

A little history about why this neighborhood is special. This area was owned by oilman and philanthropist Charles Page, and he used this expanse of land as a recreation area for hunting and horseback riding back in the day. His business sold the area in 1949 after the second world war.

Ranch Acres was Tulsa’s earliest ranch style housing subdivision and provided extra large lots and streets that conformed to the topography instead of the traditional grid-based system. These homes felt more like country estates. Neighborhood architects laid out curving streets and oversized lots to take maximum advantage of the rolling terrain and the existing trees. Today you still have that park-like feel driving around admiring mature trees and large lots with sprawling lawns. You can still feel the charm of yesteryear but a lot of the homes in this area have been updated to have a modern look and feel.

Nearly all the houses were originally built as one-story, with low or moderately low pitched roofs. Exterior walls are primarily either brick or native stone. All of the houses had garages, and a majority were built with two or three-car garages. Today you will see plenty of 2 story homes in the area and you can pick out the newer builds from the more original homes but the charm is still here and you can appreciate the feeling of nature and privacy from the large lots and beautiful landscapes.

I’d say the developers of the Charles Page hunting recreational area were right in what they saw for these grounds many moons ago and should be commended for leaving the land topography as natural as possible. This continues and will continue to be a sought after area here in Tulsa.

For those of you with families and wanting some insight into the schools in this area this is district 5 of the Tulsa Public School System

Eliot and Patrick Henry are your Tulsa Public School options for elementary and both feed into Thomas Edison Middle and High Schools at 41st and Delaware you could walk to school. There are also magnet school options and transfers between schools here in Tulsa to help you find the perfect fit! with immersion programs into Spanish or French or if you are looking for more of a charter school option. Great nearby private schools would include Casia Hall (middle to HS), Monte Casino(PreK- Middle), Undercroft (a Montessori option pre K to Middle) and Bishop Kelly (just HS) I will be sure to provide links at the end of this video.

Thanks for taking a few moments of your day to learn about these areas of Tulsa. Please visit my YouTube channel to see more neighborhood-specific videos and contact me directly if looking to buy or sell a home here in Tulsa. I’d love to help you find the perfect place or sell your home. If you are relocating to Tulsa please see a link below to my short term rentals available to you, I want you comfortable and falling in love with this great city!

Thanks again and have a great day!

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