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Swan Lake & Cherry Street

Take look at one of Tulsa’s most interesting neighborhoods & one of our favorite entertainment destinations: Swan Lake and Cherry Street. This area is situated between Peoria Ave and Utica Avenue west to east and between the expressway and 21st street north to south. Driving around you will admire such fascinating beautiful homes it really should have come as no surprise the area has a rich history.

Cherry Street is known for hip people watching at fun restaurants and coffee shops but also boasts art galleries, boutique shops, salons, funky antiques and vintage stores, and a fabulous Farmers Market on Saturday mornings.

This area was developed in the 1920s and ’30s and you can admire Prairie Style bungalows and condo buildings with rich histories. This little area gives you easy access to upscale Tulsa and easy routes to downtown or out south with expressway access.

Swan Lake is just on the other side of Cherry Street, a beautiful Tulsa neighborhood with gorgeous homes! Originally this area was granted as part of the Dawes Act of 1887 to the Orcott family who was Creek Indian. They were granted 800 acres and built a home on what is now 16th and Peoria. The oldest home on the actual lake was built at 1518 Swan Drive in 1919.

This little pocket of Tulsa has been a watering hole for cattle, an amusement park, and the last stop on the trolley line from the city out to the “sticks”. Today it is a prime location to take a scenic stroll through history and check out the swans on the lake. I really appreciate the character in these homes built in a time gone by and how meticulously they’ve been restored.

If you are looking for schooling options in this area these neighborhoods are district 5 of Tulsa public schools. Council Oak is your elementary school and feeds into Thomas Edison middle school and high school. Other private school options would be Marquette (located in this area), Monte Casino, Casia Hall, Bishop Kelly, and Undercroft Montessori. I will provide links to these and other private school options below.

If you’d like to look at a home in Swan Lake or Cherry Street or any other great neighborhood in Tulsa, it would be my privilege to show you around. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video and please see my youtube channel for other great neighborhoods and check out my Airbnb’s while you come to visit also provided in the links below.

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