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Easter is a time of renewal and celebration, and for those planning to spend it in Tulsa, Oklahoma, there’s a basket-full of fun waiting for you and your family. From the traditional church services to the more whimsical egg hunts and brunches, Tulsa has a way of making this springtime holiday memorable for travel enthusiasts and families alike. Below, we’re hopping down the bunny trail to uncover the top ways to celebrate Easter in Tulsa, OK. Whether you’re a local resident or visiting on vacation, these Easter activities in Tulsa are sure to add some spring to your steps.

Top Ways to Celebrate Easter in Tulsa, OK

Easter wouldn’t be the same without the thrill of an egg hunt, and Tulsa has plenty to choose from. Families with children will find that local churches and community centers often host egg hunts complete with games, prizes, and festivities. Keep your eyes peeled at the parks, too, where hidden treasures await eager little ones and even competitive adults. Be sure to bring a basket for those colorful finds! To make your rental experience better, consider hosting an Easter egg hunt. You can do it inside or outside. Fill the eggs with fun surprises like chocolates, small toys, or even money.

Savor the Holiday with a Special Easter Brunch

You can’t talk about Easter in Tulsa without mentioning brunch. Local cafes and restaurants gear up for the occasion, offering special menus featuring springtime favorites and the freshest ingredients. Indulge in a spread of deviled eggs, hot cross buns, and slices of glazed ham, or choose a spot that serves up innovative twists on classic dishes. For a truly unique experience, reserve a table at one of Tulsa’s acclaimed eateries, and make sure to sample some locally sourced treats.

Worship and Reflect with Church Services

For many, Easter holds religious significance, and attending church services is a vital part of the holiday. Tulsa’s array of churches welcome worshippers with open arms, providing a sacred space to reflect on the Easter message. From sunrise services to majestic liturgies, these gatherings are steeped in tradition and community spirit. No matter your denomination, you’ll find a service that speaks to your heart.

Host an Easter Feast at Your Vacation Rental

For those staying in a vacation rental in Tulsa, why not host your own Easter brunch or dinner? Here are some tips to make it even more enjoyable:

Snap a Picture with the Easter Bunny

It’s not every day you get to meet the star of Easter! Opportunities abound across Tulsa for kids (and kids at heart) to have their photo taken with the Easter Bunny. Shopping centers and events typically have a designated spot for this beloved holiday mascot, so be sure to bring your camera and capture the smiles.

Join the Community in Easter Celebrations at the Park

On Easter, the outdoors call and Tulsa’s parks come alive with activity. Take part in community-organized Easter celebrations, complete with live entertainment, face painting, and crafts for children. Enjoy the sunshine and fresh air as you mingle with locals and visitors alike, all while soaking up the festive atmosphere.

Book Your Easter Vacation Rental Today

Easter in Tulsa offers something for everyone – whether you’re seeking the joy of an egg hunt, the comfort of a shared meal, or the peace of a church service. This vibrant city serves up a delightful mix of events that provide the perfect backdrop for crafting new traditions and celebrating the springtime holiday.

Plus, experience the added comfort and convenience of an Easter vacation rental in Tulsa. Homes away from home provide the perfect setting for a private Easter celebration or a cozy base for exploring all that Tulsa has to offer. Contact us to book your rental and hop into the Easter spirit today!