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There is something wonderful about exploring the events taking place during vacation explorations, each event, even as they seem familiar, somehow different due to the tastes of the people who live in those towns, offering an authentic peek into the area you are visiting. Tulsa, offering a taste of the south as well as quiet sophistication that seems to contrast with its hey y’all personality, is known as a town that likes a good party and the events in Tulsa, OK we list here will reflect that duality, giving visitors some fascinating adventures to enjoy. Coming home to our StayInTulsaOK sanctuaries after will add to your long list of adventures enjoyed, only these will be comfortable ones you will wish never had to end.

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The new year brings us hope that the blank pages on our calendar will soon be filled in with exciting adventures and activities, but it also serves as a moment in time when we can let out the breath we have been holding, sink into our comfiest chairs, and take a nap while huddled under a soft and colorful throw, read a book, or just daydream about the possibilities. If January finds you in Tulsa, however, the activities listed below are sure to keep you interested.

The Chili Bowl Nationals, SageNet Center in Tulsa

Often billed as the Superbowl of midget car racing, the Chili Bowl Nationals have appeared in our hometown for over 38 years, generally taking place about two weeks after Christmas. Providing six days of fast driving, food, drinks, and cute little cars driving round and round the outdoor track will bring visitors a quirky kind of joy. The trade show that takes place every day of the show also gives guests a great way to pick out some very unusual car-related souvenirs.

Enjoy the Martin Luther King Day Parade in Tulsa, OK

Martin Luther King Day Parade

While the rest of the world seems to have forgotten the appeal of a hometown parade, we in Tulsa try never to miss an opportunity to enjoy one and the Martin Luther King Day Parade has been a staple in the Greenwood District for over 40 years.


The temperatures are still snuggly in February, and most of us are still cocooning inside our homes waiting out the chill, but this one festival celebrates cold weather and short days.

Experience a beer festival in Tulsa, OK

Dark Mode Festival, Tulsa Arts District

There is more than one way to beat the cold and that is by warming up from the inside out with a good beer. The Dark Mode Festival takes place every February, and is hosted by Wellington Brewery, offering the stoutest of beers for the hardiest of drinkers—you know, the ones who ventured away from their fireplaces and blankies to check out what this festival brings to town. The beers are local, and the s’mores will make it impossible to be anything but happy during this fun festival. 


As the gardens begin to come to life, the heartbeat of Oklahoma begins to beat a little faster in anticipation of warmer days ahead, and the big St. Patrick’s Day celebrations that are held all over town. Visitors may be surprised that our southern roots offer Irish sprouts and the celebrations we offer represent the love we have for this holiday and for being Irish for the day or forever.

Patrick’s Day Block Party

Kilkenny’s Irish Pub hosts the annual St. Patrick’s Day Block Party on Cherry Street, offering food, drinks, live music, children’s inflatables and face painting, ensuring that all ages will have a great time at this block party.

Spend St. Patrick's Day in Tulsa, OK

Annual St. Patrick’s Day Celebration at Arnie’s Bar

For nearly 70 years Arnie’s Bar has hosted a holiday bash for St. Paddy’s day, offering another block party for those who like a choice in their celebrations. Live music, food trucks, and beer are a major part of the reason this party has lasted for as long as it has.


April might be our absolute favorite month of the year, offering mild days of sunshine and a few showers (how else will May flowers grow?) making us want to get outside and play as often as possible. We often spend these spring days hanging out at the Gathering Place, participating in events that aren’t often found in parks, but are what makes this one special.

Sunset Social Hours

Occurring on a monthly basis, the sunset social hours offered at the Gathering Place allow the younger generation to make new friends over complimentary drinks at sunset while local DJs provide a musical backdrop.

Discover Dog Play Wednesday in Tulsa, OK

Dog Play Wednesdays and Sundays

For those staying in our pet-friendly rentals in Tulsa, Dog Play Wednesdays and Sundays will give your pooch a chance to socialize while you get out and enjoy some quality time with your fur baby. But even if you didn’t bring your pet and just wanted to pet some puppies, this event is perfect for your needs.


May is the end of the school year in many states and the tourist season starts to ramp up more than a bit with this wonderful festival that we Tulsans look forward to all year.

Tulsa International Mayfest

Mayfest originated as a celebration of spring and has morphed into a three-day festival celebrating families, offering live music, artist galleries, and a kids’ zone (known as Kids’ World) where faces can be painted, balloons will be turned into art, and anything is possible when they use their imagination. Pro tip for first time Tulsa International Mayfest participants, this event is also a fantastic way to pick up some souvenirs to carry home with you as it also offers artwork and merch for sale.

Check out a festival in Tulsa, OK

Lager Land Festival at the Philbrook Museum

The Philbrook Museum was once the private home of a local oil baron and his family, but today is one of Oklahoma’s most popular festivals (in addition to being a museum). The Lager Land Festival offers a day of drinking local beers, dancing to live music, and just being happy that it is a beautiful spring day and you are celebrating it while on vacation.


Hooray! Summer has officially begun, and the carefree vibe of the summer solstice will ensure you will enjoy every second of your Oklahoma journey, especially when taking part in the events that make June special.

Tulsa Juneteenth Festival

Juneteenth is rapidly become one of the nation’s most popular holidays and Tulsa’s Juneteenth Festival is one of its largest. Lasting several days and taking place in the Greenwood District, this exciting and heartwarming festival celebrates the rich history of emancipation in Tulsa and throughout the nation.

Enjoy Jazz Fest in Tulsa, OK

T.E.G. International Jazz Fest

Music and summer go hand in hand and the T.E.G. International Jazz Fest celebrates Jazz Day, a holiday that has been celebrated since 2011. The best jazz artists in the country perform here, bringing a sophistication to our hometown that will bring you pleasure and excitement. Taking place at Guthrie Green in downtown Tulsa, the event is a free one that starts at 6 PM and lasts long into the night.


It’s starting to get a little sultry out there, but the heat just makes us love our hometown even more and although we do like to stay inside and enjoy our air conditioning during the height of this season, you know we have to get out there and celebrate the birthday of our nation, with these fun events.

Folds of Honor FreedomFest

Every American deserves a big party when celebrating our country’s birthday and the Folds of Honor FreedomFest is our region’s largest party. Folds of Honor is an organization helping soldiers and their families with whatever issues they may have and FreedomFest is their contribution to the holiday. Offering food trucks, beer, a variety of live bands, and the grand finale, a fireworks extravaganza set off over the 21st Avenue Bridge, your July 4th celebrations from here on out will never match up to your night in Tulsa.


Summer reaches its peak in August, with the sun staying out late and the heat straying into the nighttime hours, but as kids prepare to go back to school and real-life dares make its presence

known, one last summer fling in Tulsa can help everyone feel better about summer’s end, especially when participating in our August events.

Caribbean Carnival on the Green, Guthrie Green

The beauty of the Caribbean comes to Tulsa in an explosion of color, music, art, and some delicious food that will quite possibly have you considering a Caribbean vacation for your next journey. This carnival is only in town for one night, but the fun you will experience will last a lifetime in your heart.

Check out the Oklahoma Comic Con

Oklahoma Comic Con, Cox Business Center, 100 Civic Center

The first comic con was held in San Diego in 1970, morphing over the years into the country’s largest convention and spawning spin-offs all over the world, with Oklahoma Comic Con providing some healthy competition to the original. Lasting two days and offering the standard stuff you would expect from a comic convention, this is where you can meet and greet with your favorite comic characters, purchase merch and collectibles, or simply immerse yourself in the joy of being around a group of people who share your interests in all thing comic.


Shorter days, cooler weather, and the first of the leaves begin to change, fall in Tulsa is quite possibly the most beautiful time of the year and your September vacation will give you the opportunity to participate in the events listed below.

Tulsa State Fair, Expo Square

In the cooler regions of the world, state fairs are often held in the summer months, but for the state of Oklahoma, our fair is held in September. Offering fun rides, games, carnival foods, and the chance to hear your favorite performers perform, this state fair will satisfy your every fair desire. 


As the air grows cool and the smell of pumpkin spice lattes begin wafting through the air, your fall break in Tulsa is guaranteed to be as relaxing as it is exciting.

Explre the Tulsa Oktoberfest

Tulsa Oktoberfest, River West Festival Park

For nearly 50 years, River West Festival Park has been the site of the Tulsa Oktoberfest, a four-day celebration of everything German. Providing German food, German beer, and German music, the family friendly activities promise to be your favorite adventure this year, especially the Dachsund Dash, that yes, is exactly what it sounds like. 


The buzz of the holiday season makes every activity sparkle that much brighter and although not every event is a holiday one, once the lights are lit, you won’t help be able to help falling in love with Tulsa even more.

Riding a BMX bike

USA BMX Grand Nationals, SageNet Center

The bikers that come to town Thanksgiving aren’t the hard-core ones of movie fame, they are the boys who have discovered a talent for riding BMX bikes fast. The USA BMX Grand Nationals are the culmination of a year’s worth of hard work for the best bikers in the nation and are probably more exciting than Black Friday shopping.

Light’s On Ceremony, Utica Square

The Christmas season starts on Thanksgiving Day with this fabulous lights ceremony, featuring 700,000 lights, Christmas Carols, and the most beautiful tree you have ever seen.


Just like that another year has passed, but before you head home to your comfortable and luxurious StayInTulsaOK vacation escape, be sure to check out these December events.

Winterfest Ice Skating, BOK Center

Starting in November and running through January 2nd, Winterfest Ice Skating offers a fun and romantic way to enjoy the holiday season on an outdoor ice rink. Colorful Christmas lights, your favorite Christmas songs, and Sundays with Santa will make everyone feel all the feels of the season. On Saturdays, the Winter Express Train glides into town from the North Pole, completing everyone’s picture of the perfect Christmas celebration.

Celebreate New Year's Eve in Tulsa, OK

New Year’s Eve, Multiple Venues

The whole town puts on its party clothes, offering a variety of spots in which to celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of another, including a NYE Bash sponsored by NEFF Brewing and NYE Midnight Masquerade at the Roof Sixty-Six Bar. Your favorite NYE activity, however, may be the moments you spend with your family in the warm embrace of our holiday hideaways.

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