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Living Arts of Tulsa

The best towns and cities in America are often home to the most talented of artists, and Tulsa is no exception. Offering a vast artistic culture, the people who create must be cherished and appreciated, something the Living Arts Center in Tulsa was built to encourage. Offering a place for the artists to create their work while giving the public a place to appreciate it, your Tulsa journey would not be complete without a visit to this wonderful establishment, and our StayInTulsaOK guide to Living Arts will give you something a little extra to ensure it makes it to your itinerary!

Located at 307 E Mathew Brady Street

It should be of no surprise that Living Arts was founded in 1969, that time of free love and acceptance of all types of beauty, and the founders of Living Arts embraced all that made 1969 a year we look back on fondly. Understanding that art is fluid, that it is more than paint or sculpture, the artists that formed this colony were experts in six disciplines: paint, music, literary arts, cinematography, theater, and sculpture. Teaching from a position that the best way to increase your artistic talents is to immerse yourself in the experience, that first director set out to change the way we look at art forever and succeeded beyond her wildest dreams.

The Decades in Art

The 80s added dance and poetry to the arts performed at Living Arts with the addition of some of the world’s most prominent artists in those disciplines, and in the 90s, a new director ensured that the beliefs of the original directors were still being followed, even as the business branched out in new directions. And when the world entered the new millennium, performance art moved to the forefront and their fabulous content began to be explored in new ways, delighting the public as never before.

Today at the Living Arts Center in Tulsa

Offering more than paintings on white walls, Living Arts brings its talents to the public in a variety of events, with festivals, shows, and fun events that take place on a regular basis throughout the year. Their calendar is filled with events you may expect, including First Friday Art Walks, but also offers many more that will titillate and surprise: book club meetings, Art Car Weekends, and our personal favorite, their featured February event, the Champagne and Chocolates Gala, because who can go wrong with champagne AND chocolate?

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