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Historic Cain’s Ballroom Music Venue

Tulsa’s history is long and fascinating, filled with the good, the bad, and the slightly naughty, and the historic Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa, OK is one charming example of the latter. The building itself has gone through many transformations, starting as a humble garage, evolving into a dime a dance hall, and continuing on through today, having become one of the most popular music venues in the state. Today, we at StayInTulsaOK would like to take our guests on a short jaunt back in time, offering up a picture of quiet days and rowdy nights, something that is the exact opposite of what you can expect during your current stay in our beautiful sanctuaries.

Located at 423 N Main Street

In 1924,  the streets of Tulsa looked far different than they do today, and the building that would eventually become the ballroom was nothing more than a garage housing a local politician’s automobiles. Morphing from garage to dime a dance hall, local gents would spend time with pretty girls as they tried to forget about the troubles that hit the nation, including Prohibition and the Great Depression, but the dance hall soon underwent another transformation, living life as a dance academy, showing how once the music gets in your heart, you can never release it. Finally, in 1935, Cain’s Ballroom became the home of Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys, introducing the world to a new type of dance music, Western Swing, and forever cementing its place in music history.


Known not just for the big names who have played on the stage, its historic maple spring-loaded dance floor has stood the test of time and cowboy boots, and as you dance to the beat of music from all genres, singing along to songs old and new, you may even hear the echoes of all those who danced before you. Today, the historic Cain’s Ballroom is where music is king and good times never have to end, offering a kitchen serving delicious Oklahoma favorites during the shows, and of course, a bar that serves adults only but also offers soft drinks. Travelers of all ages will enjoy this step back in time and the music that sustains the soul of the ballroom.

As the Notes Die Down at Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa, OK

As you dance back to the comforts of your Oklahoma haven, the final notes of the performance fading away into the heavens, you can rest your tired feet in comfort and style. Reserve your favorite StayInTulsaOK escape today!

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