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The Golden Driller

If road trips and the eccentric roadside attractions that often can be found in travels are your thing, travelers will need to add a visit to the Golden Driller in Tulsa to their vacation itinerary. Offering a whimsical peek into the history of “The Oil Capital of the World” and paying homage to those early drillers who made “black gold” their livelihood, this giant statue has stood strong since 1966. We at StayInTulsaOK love the unique and the interesting, even as we provide the dependable and comfortable escapes that will make your vacation stand out, and we invite you to experience both during your Oklahoma journey.

The Golden Driller in Tulsa Guarding the Oklahoma Expo Center, 4145 E. 21st Street

The Golden Driller is a tall drink of water, standing confidently 75 feet into the sky, staring down at the “mortals” who gather around his feet taking selfies. Built with a combination of iron, concrete, and plaster, he was created by a Greek artist named George “Grecco” Hondronastas, for the 1966 International Petroleum Exposition, but wasn’t the first big guy in town. The first version of this local landmark was created for the 1953 exposition but was not built to last, and the artist who had also worked on the first one learned from his mistakes. A second driller and third driller were created in the years between 1953 and 1966, when the final version took his position in front of the Expo Center, never once looking back. Today, he is a much-loved character, and because the Oklahoma Expo Center is at the epicenter of the fairgrounds, he is often used as a landmark with parents telling excited children to meet them at the Golden Driller, something that can be seen from nearly all corners of the fairgrounds. The buckle of his belt proclaims the name of our hometown, and he is so tall (the 6th largest monument in the state) he can rest his arm on a full-sized oil derrick without having to lean over!

More Than an Oil Capital

The oil fields of Oklahoma were definitely instrumental in the success of our hometown, but today it is more than just a place where oil flows freely. The Golden Driller pays homage to our past, and our StayInTulsaOK vacation sanctuaries pay homage to our future. Reserve your favorite escape today and come home to comfort, style, and all of life’s luxuries, big and small!

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