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Elsing Rock Museum

Oklahomans are a different breed of people, something we celebrate, and when you visit the Elsing Rock Museum, we think you will understand exactly what we are talking about. The museum is based on the extensive rock collection of Willard Elsing, a local rock shop owner born in 1911, which was donated to Oral Roberts University in 1974. Today, visitors from all over the world are amazed by the simple beauty of the collection, and although the only rocks you may find in our StayInTulsaOK vacation havens are in the borders of our flower gardens, we think coming home to our homes will be an exciting part of your vacation experience; this guide to the museum, the collection, and finding your joy in our home sweet vacation homes will give you a sneak peak into an all-American vacation you will never forget.

Located at 7777 S Lewis Avenue, Open Wednesday through Saturday 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM

We’ve talked about it before, but it bears repeating. Family vacations can be difficult, especially when trying to find activities that will be enjoyed by travelers of varying ages, but what kid doesn’t like playing with rocks? Of course, they won’t be able to play with the rocks, this collection is truly magnificent, offering everything from geodes to slabs of petrified rock and because their hands on exhibits, including a gross but fascinating piece of dinosaur poop that the kids can touch. (It is millions of years old, so we are pretty sure that germs and smells are nonexistent!)

Free Admission Fits into ALL Budgets

Vacations are expensive, so it is always nice when you can find an adventure that costs nothing and the Elsing Rock Museum is one such adventure! In addition to the magnificent rock and crystal collection found at the museum, there is also a collection of natural art, Indian artifacts, and Oriental artifacts that never cease to amaze. Intricately carved ivory pieces may not quite steal the show, especially as giant amethyst geodes can be found within, this museum is guaranteed to be one of your most favorite parts of your Tulsa vacation.

Or Will It?

Our StayInTulsaOK vacation sanctuaries offer comfort, style, and simple luxuries that will be appreciated by travelers from all over the world. Reserve your favorite escape today and discover why our properties are so popular!

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