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Gilcrease Museum

Even as Oklahoma is firmly entrenched in the Midwestern portion of the United States, parts of the state played a part in the Wild West, offering dirt streets lined with saloons, hitching posts, and gun fights, and the Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa provides one of the largest and most comprehensive art collections of the west. Finding a vacation activity that all the family can enjoy is often an almost impossible dream, but a visit to this museum should appeal to all. This guide to the museum and your stay in our StayInTulsaOK Oklahoma accommodations will add another element of adventure to your Oklahoma getaway.

Located at 1400 N Gilcrease Museum Road in Tulsa

The Gilcrease Museum is one of Tulsa’s oldest, having been formed in 1949 by a Tulsa oilman, Thomas Gilcrease. Mr. Gilcrease’s collection of Western art was a comprehensive one, including documents and artifacts of that confusing and somewhat exhilarating period of time. Today, visitors can expect to see exhibits that include Native American art, bronze figurines, and an exhibition entitled Enslavement to Emancipation with three documents from those turbulent times. One of our favorite exhibits is a photography exhibit that depicts the beauty of our hometown; the most impactful piece is a showing of photographs from another dark period in American’s history, the Great Depression.

For those who can’t get enough of the art, artifacts, and exhibits offered at the Gilcrease Museum, their online collection of art allows interested parties to explore over 26,000 pieces from their collection of over 350,000. Special events take place on a regular basis, often paying homage to their Central and South American exhibits with their most recent event being an Oaxacan Dinner and Mescal Tasting with Tacos X Mescal that we highly recommend attending if it happens to come around again during your visit.

The Gift Shop

Every vacation is made more special with visits to souvenir shops and the gift shop inside the Gilcrease Museum is filled with gifts that will serve as the most unusual ones. Don’t feel like carrying your “prizes” home with you on the plane? The museum also offers an online shop that carries much of the same items that can be found on their in store gift shop shelves. Their jewelry collection is one that will inspire envy in anyone who sees you wearing the silver and/or turquoise pieces you have purchased here.

The Mild West Lives On

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