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Mabel B. Little Heritage House Museum

The history of Tulsa is a long and complex one and one of our favorite local museums honors that history while recognizing some of the not-so-stellar moments in Oklahoma history. The Mabel B. Little Heritage House Museum makes its home in a 1920s red brick home, and offers an unvarnished look into some very troubled times. Today, we at StayInTulsaOK want to travel back in time to those strange and simple days with a visit to a museum that looks much the same today as it did all those decades ago.

Located at 322 N Greenwood Avenue, Next to the Greenwood Cultural Center

The Greenwood District owes its existence to segregation, and the Race Wars in the 1920s stemmed from much of the same troubles the rest of the nation was experiencing at the time. But as emotions roiled and brewed, this district also became one that was so respected, it also earned the nickname Black Wall Street. The owners of this cottage survived one of the most tragic chapters in Tulsa’s history and rebuilt the home that was ravaged by the events we now call the Tulsa Race Massacre in 1925, and today, serves as a testament to the strength of all that suffered the worst and rebuilt an area that was decimated in 1921.

A Peek into History at the Mabel B. Little Heritage House Museum

Featuring exhibits an artifacts from those troubled times, the museum’s interior still looks like a family home. Polished hardwood floors, wide moldings, and furnishings that were original to the time appear as if the original owner, Mabel B. Little, has just stepped away, perhaps to continue her work helping renovate Mount Zion Baptist Church, another victim of the troubles. Artifacts contained under the roof of the red brick house include newspaper clippings, photos, and a movie that tells the story of that horrible period in our history.

Learning from Our Mistakes

The world we live in today is a far cry from the period in which the museum was built, and visits here will ensure that history never repeats itself. Adding the Mabel B. Little Museum to your vacation itinerary will help bring a greater understanding of the wrongs that were done. After, coming home to the modern comforts found in our StayInTulsaOK vacation sanctuaries will give you a comfortable example of how far we have come. Reserve your favorite property with us today!

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