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Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art

Diversity is a beautiful thing and a visit to the Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art makes that point even stronger. Celebrating the art, history, trials and tribulations of the Jewish culture, the museum began as a traveling exhibit during the turbulent 60s and today is one of our favorite places to visit with our families. We at StayInTulsaOK have created this guide to this wonderful establishment, offering yet another idea on how to fill all your vacation minutes during your Oklahoma journey.

The Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art is Located at 2021 E. 71st Street

Originally known as the Gershon and Rebecca Fenster Gallery of Jewish Art, it was renamed to the Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art in 2000, paying homage to its first curator. A few years later, it was moved from its original location to its current one on the Zarrow campus. Offering art, exhibits, and artifacts of the Jewish culture, the permanent exhibits will be found on the upper level of the building, offering a peek into all that has faced the Jewish people over the years. Many of its exhibits are donated from refugees escaping the Holocaust and include an incredible project known as Humans of the Holocaust, in which survivors tell their stories of that devastating time period in world history. Their Mezuzah Collection will touch your soul as will the beauty of the arts created by Jewish artists, including the work of Donna Matles Retrospective.

A Rocking Good Time

One of our favorite exhibits is a permanent one commemorating the contributions to rock and roll offered by Jewish musicians. Featuring art painted on guitars that pay homage to Gene Simmons (Kiss), Simon & Garfunkel, and Bette Midler, you may be surprised to learn that your favorite rock star is also Jewish!

The Sanditen / Kaiser Holocaust Center

2020 was a complicated year in world history, but it was also the year that the museum opened its Sanditen/Kaiser Holocaust Center, documenting the atrocities that occurred during the Holocaust. Offering 250 artifacts, never before heard stories from survivors, and a powerful look into hatred, a topic that is still relevant today, not all history is pretty, but it is vital to remember this part of history and the center does so with candor and openness. Perhaps the most impactive part of the exhibit is the wood and barbed wire fences that make visitors feel as if they are actually visiting the Concentration Camps of Europe.

Only Love Found Here

After your visit to the past, coming home to our StayInTulsaOK sanctuaries will remind you that there is still love and beauty to be found in the world. Reserve your favorite today!

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