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Juniper Restaurant

Juniper Restaurant is a chef driven dining establishment that fosters creativity as it provides an elevated dining experience that may end up being your favorite part of your Oklahoma getaway. Its menu is innovative, its décor is luxurious and welcoming, and your time at Juniper will enhance your time spent in our StayInTulsaOK vacation escapes.

Located at 324 E 3rd Street

The charm of Juniper is immediately apparent, offering a farmhouse feel from the outside that contrasts with the elegant food being served inside. Sitting in the shadows of skyscrapers, the front door with its black awning is bookended by large round windows that allow wandering tourists to peek inside and from the inside offer a perfect place for guests to people watch as they wait for their meals. Exposed brick, stained concrete floors, and walls of windows covered by sheer curtains somehow work together to create an atmosphere that is not unlike the homey ambience you may remember from your own grandma’s kitchen. When the food arrives, however, all semblance of farmhouse will disappear, instead, big city sophistication and urban style will make an appearance.

Let the Dining Commence!

The menus of Juniper Restaurant & Bar rotate regularly, so what we talk about today may not be available during your visit, but there is no way we can end this tour of Juniper without talking about how delicious the meals we sampled tasted! Appetizers (they call them first plates) such as scallop & pork belly made with pickled red onion, dried cherry thyme glaze, and pureed carrots will be your first hint that Juniper is not like any other restaurant. Soups are hearty and include a sweet carrot soup that is quite addictive and salads are innovative displays of farm to table goodness; our favorite was the root vegetable salad made with arugula, cauliflower, carrot, beet, fried prosciutto, parmesan foam, pickled fennel, radish, and rice wine vinegar.

The entrée section of the menu covers the gamut of innovation blended with comfort, as displayed in their meatball & grits. And because every Southern memaw will tell you that desert is a sign to your stomach, that yes, this meal is complete, we suggest everyone in your dining party should pick a different dessert and share bites so that no desert is left behind. Justin’s Chocolate Pie will change your life and that is all we need to say about that heavenly treat!

Couldn’t Finish It All?

Bring your leftovers home to enjoy in your StayInTulsaOK vacation escape! Choose your favorite sanctuary today.

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