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Kilkenny’s Irish Pub

There are times in life when you just need to experience an Irish Pub and fortunately for our StayInTulsaOK guests traveling south for an Oklahoma getaway, you won’t have to make your way across the pond to enjoy a Guiness and some corned beef and cabbage. Kilkenny’s Irish Pub is a local favorite, providing live music, cold drinks, and delicious food that you can order to go, enjoying the meal from the comfort of your home sweet vacation home. You will, however, want to enjoy an evening at Kilkenny’s at least once during your stay.

Located at 1413 E 15th Street

Kilkenny’s Irish Pub’s red brick exterior pasted with advertisements for Harp and Guinness would fit right into the Irish landscape providing an authentic vibe that will never disappoint. Inside, a dark wood bar filled with your favorite beverages takes center stage in a space where scarred wood floors and walls adorned with pics from the old country create a convivial space for dining, drinking, and socializing with new friends. Want to feel a little more Irish during your visit? Pick up a tee shirt or bumper sticker from their gift shop while you’re there.

A Taste of Ireland in Oklahoma

It’s a toss-up over what you will enjoy more, the authentic food served or the fantastic Guinness pours, but fortunately you won’t need to choose one or the other! Their menu is an extensive one, taking patrons on a culinary journey through Ireland while making pitstops in America with dishes such as their Cajun Bayou Burger and their Fettucine O’Fredo. We have yet to experience a mediocre meal at Kilkenny’s Irish Pub and Restaurant, and so we recommend every dish on their menu, and if you have never tried a boxtie before, now is the ideal time. Consisting of grilled potato cakes stuffed with your choice of fillings, boxties are definitely not low calorie, but they will be the meal you can’t forget.

We do recommend that you save room for dessert, especially as their extensive dessert menu is rich, sweet, and filled with delicious treats. Guinness Chocolate Cake, Sticky Toffee Pudding, and our personal favorite, Irish Balloons—fried pastry balls dusted with powdered sugar and served with whiskey butter sauce for dipping—are just a few suggestions for the completion of your meal in paradise!

Leftovers by the Light of the Microwave

Hearty servings at the pub ensure there will be plenty of leftovers to enjoy by the light of the microwave in your StayInTulsaOK sanctuary. Reserve your favorite today!

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