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Sisserou’s Caribbean Restaurant & Catering

When you’re craving a taste of the tropics, but you are vacationing in the heart of America, do you have to sublimate that craving and devour a burger instead? Maybe in other places in the nation, but in Tulsa, the heartbeat of Oklahoma, all you need to do is head over to Sisserou’s Caribbean Restaurant & Catering and eat all the jerk chicken your stomach can handle, bringing any leftovers home to enjoy in your StayInTulsaOK vacation sanctuary!

Located at 107 N Boulder Avenue C

The Tulsa Arts District is home to theaters, art galleries, and this establishment of spice and good taste, making it easy to enjoy a night out on the town while enjoying all that makes Tulsa stand out. Taking their inspiration from the Island of Dominica where black sand beaches and the largest boiling lake in the world adds heat and spice to life, Sisserou’s is a casual hot spot that is a local favorite. There are no white cloth tablecloths or tasteful griege painted walls at Sisserou’s Caribbean Restaurant. Instead, it offers an explosion of color and a joyous ambience that will make visitors reluctant to leave, even after they have devoured the last crumb of their meals and sipped the final dregs from the mojitos that makes this special spot even more notable!

A Walk Through the Menu

If this is your first time exploring the cuisine of the Caribbean there is no need to feel intimidated, just know that whatever you order will be filled with flavor and spiced with fun.

Their appetizers focus on the sea, starring coconut shrimp and savory crab back, but they also delve into poultry and beef with patties and their signature jerk wings. Open for lunch and dinner, their sandwiches are a blend of all-American goodness and spicy Caribbean wonders, including burgers topped with pineapple and a Caribbean Dip Sandwich bursting with flavor. Their Salmon Pasta Rasta, just one of their shining stars on the menu, features a crab stuffed salmon served over pasta tossed in cream sauce, but if you want to stay traditional, we suggest trying their Stewed Oxtail.

Finally, the coup de grace in the theater of flavor at Sisserou’s Caribbean Restaurant & Catering requires a little pre-planning in the sense that you need to save room. Of course, we are talking about dessert, and their small but mighty dessert menu never fails to please. The only problem is we just can’t choose between their rich and creamy chocolate lava cake and their light and flavorful rum cake, so we often purchase both and bring the spare home to enjoy later!

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