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The Hemingway – A Steakhouse

There is one thing you should probably know about Oklahomans when you begin planning your fantastic Oklahoma getaway and your experiences in our StayInTulsaOK vacation sanctuaries. Plain and simple, we will never say no to a good steak. If you are of like mind and are seeking a steakhouse in which to feed your hungry clan, we would like to suggest The Hemingway Steakhouse, a steakhouse you will never forget.

Located at 1515 E 15th Street

Offering what they call a rebellious elegance, The Hemingway is known for its gentlemen’s club atmosphere, excellent wait staff, and cuisine that takes your taste buds to the next level of ecstasy. The difference between The Hemingway and an ordinary Oklahoma steakhouse is immediately apparent, and as you step behind the black door, a dining experience to remember awaits. Obviously the food is the star of the show in this restaurant, but you are also about to find out that the wine and whiskey served here plays second fiddle to nothing, and the heavy wood bar seems to highlight this simple fact.

An Explosion of Taste

As you enjoy your first sip of an old fashioned, a delicious gulp of a silky wine, your dining experience begins to take on new heights of excitement. The menu changes daily, so the food suggestions we offer here may not be on the table when you arrive, but we can promise there will be no bad notes in this musical harmony of taste and elegance. Just as their motto suggests, the foods being served offer their own rebellious elegance, offering appetizers that blend casual with cultured—tater tot waffles made with smoked king salmon belly, pickled mustard seed crème fraiche, shaved fennel, and cured egg yolk. Their chilled seafood menu bursts with your favorite treats from the sea, including lobster and oysters) and their crab & lobster billi bi will change your world.

From the main menu of The Hemingway Steakhouse Tulsa, guests are given a choice of entrees which may include boneless short rib, salmon, and of course, thick and juicy steaks. Their dessert menu also changes, but if you get the opportunity to enjoy their “le petit mort,” (translating to the small death) you must do so and will probably end up thanking us later!

Bring Your Leftovers Home to StayInTulsaOK

Assuming you can bear to leave behind a single morsel, enjoying your leftovers in the comfort of our StayInTulsaOK vacation sanctuaries will be memorable. Reserve your favorite today!

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