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Little Sahara State Park

When you visit Tulsa you aren’t limited to exploring sites located within city limits. The entire state offers a variety of museums, tourist attractions, even cool parks, such as Little Sahara State Park, located just a few hours outside Tulsa proper. Offering 1600 acres of stunning landscape, a landscape that is unlike any place else in Oklahoma, this unusual park is more than worthy of the three-hour-long road trip. And because every journey during your Tulsa trip of a lifetime begins and ends in the comfort of our StayInTulsaOK vacation sanctuaries, the memories you make at Little Sahara State Park will bring a lifetime of joy.

Located at 101 Main Street in Waynoka, Oklahoma

Although most of Oklahoma is lush and fertile, a visit to Little Sahara State Park will be like walking back in time, perhaps to the Dust Bowl Days, or perhaps as far back as prehistoric days when dinosaurs roamed the land and humans were still millions of years away from existence. And if the park looks a little familiar, it could be that you remember pictures of its namesake, the true Sahara Desert, with its acres of sandy terrain punctuated with sand dunes ranging in height from 25 to 75 feet tall. The most popular activity at this park, as you might expect, is dune buggy and ATV riding, and if it sounds fun, you can make a pit stop at Stewart SandSports, located just down the street at 910 Main Street to rent your own vehicle of choice. There are also, however, picnic tables provide the opportunity for a romantic or family dining experience and the trails in the Rockwell Outstanding Natural Area are set aside for hikers who have no interest in dune buggies or ATVs. If you are visiting for a picnic or a hike and you are traveling with your fur babies (StayInTulsaOK offers pet friendly rentals, as well) you will be pleased to learn that your pooch is accepted and welcomed at this unusual state park.

All Roads Lead to StayInTulsaOK, But First, Pizza!

As you get back in your rental car, ready to hit the road that will take you back to your Stay in Tulsa OK sanctuary, you might need a little piece of pie to sustain you on the road trip back “home.” Little Sahara Pizzeria & Pub, located at 1732 E Cecil Street, is a casual diner featuring thick and flavorful pizzas that will bring you joy as it provides the sustenance you need. All roads lead to your vacation home away from home, so rent your favorite StayInTulsaOK short-term rental in Tulsa today!

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