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Oklahoma Aquarium

Although our beautiful Oklahoma hometown is not located near the sea, the closest ocean to Tulsa is about eight hours away in Galveston, we do have an ocean of sorts that resides in a neighboring community, the Oklahoma Aquarium in Tulsa. Taking up 72,000 square feet of real estate, the aquarium is billed as the largest INDOOR ocean in the four-state region, serving as the home for thousands of sea creatures and offering over 100 exhibits. And even though you won’t have views of sand and sea from the patio of your StayInTulsaOK vacation haven, you will be able to explore the undersea world after a much shorter drive than the eight hours it would take you to get to Galveston; this guide will show you another reason why Tulsa offers something for everyone!

Located at 300 Aquarium Drive in Jenks Since May of 2003

Open every day from 10 AM until 6 PM (staying open until 9 PM on Tuesdays), the Oklahoma Aquarium has been a much-loved part of the community for over 20 years. Known for its tremendous size and the care it takes of the aquatic creatures who call it home, the aquarium also features the largest number of bull sharks living in an aquarium and offers a really cool underwater tunnel that guests can walk along while sharks swim all around. Their mission is “to educate and inspire conservation” of the seas, which take up over 70% of the Earth’s surface, and their history proves that they have and continue to do just that.

Exploring the Aquatic World

As we mentioned earlier on the page, the Oklahoma Aquarium is home to thousands of aquatic creatures, and exhibits such as Sea Turtle Island, Shark Adventure, and Extreme Amazon are just a few examples of the fascinating animals you will see during your visit. Educating the world while also entertaining visitors that flock to their door is a key part of their success—that, and the knowledge that they never rest on their laurels but continue to expand and grow. Currently on their Coming Soon page, they hint at a new exhibit in which visitors can touch the tops without worrying about being stung makes us think a stingray exhibit is on the way, but only time will tell!

So Much to See and Do

Also offering virtual reality rides, animal encounters, and a fun hurricane simulator, this aquarium lives up to its hype, just as our StayInTulsaOK Tulsa Airbnb sanctuaries provide comfort and luxury for all who reside within. Reserve your favorite escape today!

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