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Oklahoma City Zoo

As we continue our tour of road trip fun, offering our favorite people a peek at some of Oklahoma’s most treasured attractions, today’s visit is a little closer to home than the Little Sahara State Park. The Oklahoma City Zoo is just an hour and a half away from our hometown via I44, but, if you really want to experience a taste of America’s history and you have padded a little extra time in your schedule, you we suggest taking historic Route 66 for as long as you can. The two roads run parallel as well as intersecting at points, and we promise it is a scenic road that you will never forget, one that leads to and from your Tulsa sanctuary, as you might hope.

Located at 2006 Remington Place in Oklahoma City, Open Daily at 9 AM

Larger than the Tulsa Zoo, the Oklahoma City Zoo is also a botanical garden, taking up 130 acres of prime Oklahoma real estate. This zoo is filled with Oklahoma charm and beauty, providing refuge to approximately 1900 animals (everything from apes to zebras) and ensuring that your day will be filled with excitement as you stroll along the paths, exploring the multiple habitats that dot the landscape. Feeding time is often the best time to visit this or any zoo, as the animals know when their meals are about to arrive and begin to show off their feisty selves, so if you want to see them at their wildest, hang around until the end of the day; the drive back home is not that long, and before you know it, you will be back at your home sweet vacation home, reveling in the luxuries we provide.

Behind the Scenes and Up Close and Personal

If you have never taken a behind the scenes tour of a zoo, your visit to the Oklahoma City Zoo will be the perfect time to remedy that. Offering what they call Wild Encounters, participants can tag along with the keepers, getting an up close and personal visit with a variety of animals, including their Komodo dragon, Indian rhinos, and bears (as well as a few more) for an additional per person cost. The zoo admittance free is relatively low in comparison to other major zoos ($16 for adults, $13 for kids, and 2 and under are free), so go ahead and splurge and enjoy experiences you will never forget.

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